Basel, Switzerland, August 12-13

Python Dataframe Summit 2023

Building the next generation of dataframes technology

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What is the Python Dataframe Summit 2023?

The Python DataFrame Summit 2023 is a two day meeting of maintainers and users of dataframe open source technologies built around the Python programming language.

Who is this event for? The event is mainly for open source maintainers of relevant libraries, to discuss the project roadmaps, find synergies, discuss ideas, make connections, and to help with the development of the projects in general. Companies who make significant donations to the projects are also invited, to gain insider knowledge about the technologies they use, and share their point of view as users with the maintainers.

The summit will be happening immediately before the EuroSciPy conference, which will take place between the the 14th and 20th of August at the University of Basel. Many of the summit participants are expected to stay at the conference.

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The next projects will be represented at the event:

Confirmed Participants

Allan Folting


Alistair McMaster


Brock Mendel


Dea María Léon


Florian Jetter


Hyukjin Kwon

PySpark | Koalas

Joris Van den Bossche

pandas | GeoPandas

Mahesh Vashishtha


Marc Garcia

pandas | Ibis

Marco Gorelli

pandas | Polars

Natalia Mokeeva


Noa Tamir


Patrick Hoefler

pandas | Dask

Phillip Cloud


Richard Shadrach


Sebastian Berg


Thirupathi Pattipaka


Thomas Li


William Ayd


Summit Sponsors

Contact us if your company wants to sponsor the summit.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • This is not a periodic event, and it happens when there is interest in the dataframe community to meet. Similar events happened in the past, such as the European pandas summit or sessions during the SciPy or EuroSciPy conference. A dataframe summit was planned to take place at the University of Berkeley in 2020 but was later cancelled because of the COVID-19 pandemic. You can read this write up about the Dataframe summit @ EuroSciPy 2019.

  • Please contact us if you are a maintainer of a relevant project to the summit. We tried to contact maintainers of the main dataframe libraries with a Python interface, but we surely missed people we would love to meet at the summit.

  • Yes, we would love to know more from the point of view of users. In particular, of big corporate users who may be pushing our software to its limits. The only thing we ask is that your company is a major financial sponsor to any of the participating projects or to the summit itself. You financial support pays for the expenses of volunteer maintainers attending the summit, as well as for hours of work for the projects. Please contact us or the project maintainers directly if you would like to know more.

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Please get in touch if you would like to participate, or if you company is interested in supporting the summit or any of the participating projects.


Novartis Campus, Basel, Switzerland

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